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Transportation services are available for all residents in both Tuscarawas and Carroll counties. Individuals needing transportation services should schedule transportation at least 48 hours before any appointment at SpringVale Health Centers. 

SpringVale Health Centers also provides limited transportation services for some group therapy programs, case management, and school-based services. For more information about SpringVale Health Centers’ transportation services, call 330.343.6631.

If you have questions about services available through your health care coverage provider, please call our Dover office and ask to speak with our Care Coordinator.

For more information about transportation services in Tuscarawas or Carroll counties, please contact the resources below:

Society for Equal Access (SEA): 330.343.3668

Horizons: 330.364.5415

Tuscarawas County Job & Family Services: 330.339.7719

AccessTusc Transit: 234.801.8007

Tuscarawas County Senior Center: 330.364.6611

New Philadelphia Veterans Affairs (Tuscarawas County Veterans Services): 330.602.5339

Carroll County Transit: 330.627.1900