ADAPT: Adult Day Treatment

Improve your social, coping, and problem-solving skills
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ADAPT: Adult Day Treatment

Encouragement, compassion, and expert care are the foundations of our day treatment program, Adapt. Day treatment consists of therapeutic sessions organized to assist the individual in achieving the goals identified in their person-centered plans. Day treatment may prevent or minimize the need for more intensive levels of treatment. It also may function as a step-down from inpatient care or partial hospitalization or as transitional care following an inpatient pr partial hospitalization stay to facilitate return to their community.

Our Adapt program helps individuals build stable and healthy lifestyles by promoting peer-to-peer engagement through guided discussion topics. Each topic addresses a critical life-skill such as self-esteem, assertive communication, anger, coping skills, healthy eating, exercise, and creative expression.

A healthcare plan just for you.

Understanding the individual’s needs, even in a group setting, is critical to growth and development. Before entering the group setting, our staff will contact the individual’s other healthcare providers so our staff fully understands any unique healthcare needs.

Day Treatment is available to individuals covered by Medicaid at our Wabash Avenue location is New Philadelphia. Sessions are held Monday through Thursday from 9am to Noon. Attendance at all sessions is not mandatory – the number of required sessions will be determined by individual, person-centered treatment plans.

For more information, call at 330.343.6631.